Sunday, January 25, 2009

2009 Inspiration Awards, Pass-Them-On

2009 Inspiration Award

My old friend Paul Harvey did a nice thing and passed along to me an Inspiration Award, with a plug for my blog on his active historians' site. I do remember the poem he refers to in his note, and his "ruffled purity." Thanks, Paul!

Here are just a few I want to pass it on to:
1) back atcha, Paul, and all of your contributing editors. When I drop in, I find a world of historians, educators, academics that introduce me to a world of scholarship, thought, and information that makes me smile and give a great big wave to our History horizon. And thanks for your links, too - I've visited A Historian's Craft a few times and love her view. What a treat!

2) Kathy Oddenino's NDPstories blog - because learning to know the nervous system and why our human design as energy and matter is so beautiful (and designed to heal!). Also so refreshing and needed in our world where so many of us are sick and without the knowledge that we are made to heal ourselves. NDP stories

3) My friend Pesay You's blog - a spiritual philosopher with an engineering mind the likes of which you won't read anywhere else

4) Expanding World is my friend Linda Bruce's blog. An activist for enjoying our world's many creations, a playful creator of abundant talents, and a crusader for "public health." Check hers out!

5) Saturdays in Saxapahaw When I moved to North Carolina, this little town was undergoing its own change - reinforcing, enhancing, acknowledging the beauty of history and also building for Now, the future! Thanks to all who have been part of this effort! If you visit the "new" Saxapahaw General Store, say hi to Jeff Barney for me.

More blogs I want to pass on will follow! Thank you, Paul for the inspiration-

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Paul Harvey said...

Thanks, MEM: your blog is a lot cheaper than therapy, too. Keep showing us the love.