Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dad (03.07.23 - 02.01.09)

No word captures
you except as you were,
spring, summer, fall, winters
of your life, and our lives -
busy, alive.

You hummed, whistled, softly sang,
caring, doing, after so much digging,
plowing, sowing, praying.

I know so much of you
from how you were with me, one
of my creators.

Your collection of ribbons,
nails, scraps, screws -
things with purpose
still unknown.

What a man leaves -
a worn billfold, a wedding ring,
old watch
hold such memory, artifacts
of days, of love,
of time gone by.

Those were the days, he'd say.
Now, home.


JJE said...

So sorry to hear of your Dad's passing. He was a great man.


M.E.Martin said...

Thanks, JJE. I appreciate your acknowledgement (as I know Dad would).

Allison said...

ME, I'm so sorry about your dad. He was so kind to me. I hope you are doing OK. It's been a winter of loss hasn't it?

M said...

Hi ME,
Thinking of you and your family. Your dad was such a sweet man, always patient with all of us that passed some time in the Martin household. much love,
K. Casey

Carol said...

Uncle Henry (and your mother as well) hold a special place in my heart. Memories of them and my years at Hillcrest are very special, too.
God Bless,
Carol Mills Shanks

M.E.Martin said...

Thank you all for your comments. I really appreciate your taking time to write. As Dad said to me so many times, "precious memories." :)

Maat said...

ME..just wanted to say how much I have been enjoying you sharing your thoughts of/times with your family, your Dad, these last months on your blog. Today, I'm sorry...for you and your read of his passing. I wish you much love and happiness in your memories.

HummingBird said...

What a precious Poem. Thank you. Siona drew my attention to your blog by cross posting this beautiful poem to
- thank you for giving her permission to do this - thus sharing your post further. Losing a parent is an enormous experience in our lives. Your love for him shines so strongly here - as does his love for you. Holding you in my heart at this sacred time of your father's passing. Much love