Saturday, May 02, 2015


          Sounds like science fiction, but it isn’t—when we choose to look at our lives as our own creation, chosen as souls and spirits, making matter real, physical, for us to mold, choice by choice, as we become aware – asking other souls and spirits to help us to share experiences; beginning with
An Agreement to Conceive, to Cherish

Even if cherish isn’t yet known as a skill in the toolbox of life – our power of choice may begin to take on a glow, a light which hereafter will never dull but only brighten. Once awakened to such a choice, a binding by and of love, the mind does not forget.

In the Archives, lives are recorded, some written by old instruments and faded by time, some freshly inked, all rolled in soft paper or pressed onto glass, or etched onto plates to be washed with color and printed.

The Keepers of the Archives are busy, bustling forms, usually women whose long hair shines with color, contrasting with the soft lamb’s wool grey of their clothing. The skin that shows beneath their sleeves is smooth and even-toned, different shades of gold, brown, white, black, bronze.
The color palette here is vivid yet suffused, intense though subdued, sundried. The sun shines brightly, hanging low in the sky, yet a haze hangs with it, making the air itself seem visible and shot through with a glowing heavy yellow orb.

Mostly medium-natured people live here, as my brilliant niece may have said – Not hot, not cold but medium – if it’s hot, they’re hot, if it’s cold, they’re cold.

To know where to go, to know where to find or create warmth from the cold or cold when heat is too much, becomes one description of the pioneering impulse, journey each takes, choosing to enter the Realm of Oblige/Return.

Facts in this realm are often shortened to Acts. What is seen is believed, though what is seen is a wide panorama of thoughts, words, and deeds, some smooth, some rough, some rhythmically rolling like ocean waves stirred by storms.

Things like, what does it mean to be heroic? Are asked in very visible ways – carved intricately in stone, with elegant flourishes, illuminated with lights falling on letters like a beckoning, a welcoming, an invitation, warm and exciting.

Mothers walk in with their children, holding hands as they stroll, pointing out the carvings, the sculpture, the dynamic gardens as their children’s faces fill with wonder, an enlightenment of Oblige/Return.

The Energy Policy is something that is always thought about, discussed, tweaked by each family, each person, each collective, because they know that this is their gift of life, their greatest living legacy: how they manage their greatest resource, themselves. Tutors teach primarily how energy is managed, directed, understood. How energy is understood in relationship to life itself, not simply the pieces of a life – food, water, wind generation, movement, as when we believed the pieces were separate, relatively easily  shelved, if not solved.