Monday, November 02, 2009


My mother died about two weeks ago. My relationship with her has been one of many colors, nuances, dynamics. Learning Spiritual Philosophy has given me the greatest gift to understand not just myself but also my mother, and therefore to heal nuances of misunderstanding and enhance so much love within our energy fields, which is a gift of eternal lifetimes.

I always thought of my mother as smart, responsible and capable and compassionate. (I say “always” now with a new sense of appreciation and wonder - as long as I can remember, at least, and perhaps this is just an example of how we come to believe, accept, that “what we think, is,” what we think always was,” until our memory and sensory awareness expands beyond that concept or moment-in-time.) I did not always think of my mother as understanding, being a child and teenager myself once and an adult often of a mind all-consumed with “knowing it all.” An “I know it all” adult is less easy to smile about than an I-know-it-all teenager, it seems to me. It was always clear when my mother did not want to talk about some subject, even without words. Some things didn't need to be said, my mother believed, and that included so much that was said. Just pay attention, she'd say. The You'll understand was implied. As I got older I began to truly appreciate my mother’s exquisite sense of humor, and her understanding. Her dry humor was at times playful and often profound. With simply a smile sometimes, we acknowledged understanding the bond of thought which went so far beyond what any paragraph could explain – except when we say that Energy is real, and love always pleases the senses.

As my mother lived her death, she taught me more too. Her stoic courage never overwhelmed her playfulness in simple moments that pleased her. I’ve learned that loss and grief are symbols we create to show ourselves that we are eternal as energy. Each relationship we create and live offers us so much to be grateful for (as my Dad used to always say), and so many reminders that we are never alone, never separate (only as physical matter), always one, sharing our energies as we share our lives.

Thank you to all of our mother’s friends and relatives who have acknowledged what she has meant in your lives, simply. She would approve, and absolutely appreciate all of your expressions of love and remembrance, as we do.

"Always, deep inside the motivation of knowing from the soul and the inspiration to grow from the spirit will give them a sense of joy in overwhelming adversity. In the most challenging times there will be a consciousness of a tiny, joyful light within. That light is the vision of hope that shines with total undaunted faith within self to overcome all odds and be successful."(
Sharing,by K. Oddenino, 278.) My mother was undaunted by life and by death. She loved. What a legacy.