Monday, March 24, 2008

In Another Country with Tift Merritt & friends

Tift Merritt gets a second chance on her third album - Independent Weekly article

A few friends and I went to the lovely Carolina Theater in Durham Saturday night to hear Sara Watkins followed by Tift Merritt and her band. The Independent Weekly had a great article about Tift, her friend and fellow "player" Zeke Hutchins, and the joys and struggles of making your visions real in the world to an audience that cares. Maybe I'm not crazy, she said. I'm glad she perseveres. I really appreciate Tift Merritt's way of exploring a range of music - styles, genres, sounds. She is a rocker for sure, and can sing French ballads, over a keyboard, that will bring tender memories and maybe tears to your eyes. And Sara Watkins (one of Nickel Creek fame) - what a voice, what a charmer. Keep listening for her....

The Raleigh News & Observer and The Rambler also printed articles about Tift-in-the-city.

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