Monday, March 31, 2008

The House Was Busy With Them

She lay in the bed in the dark, deep into sleep, until something woke her. What was that noise? As she raised her head from the pillow, she was conscious of the moonlight glowing just enough into the window above her head. The shadows in the room lengthened, the ticking clock in the other room seemed louder. At first she felt her heart beat faster, a sudden moment of extra air, then she calmed as she thought, felt the energies that flowed around her, through the house. Some she could see, shadows that danced, others she heard whispering, some talking loud enough for her to hear words. The house was busy with them, especially in the rooms just beyond her bedroom.

When she lay flat again against her pillows and closed her eyes, breathed deeply, she felt her exhalation grow, and the outline of her body seemed to blur, into the fabric, into the overflowing edges of the bed, creeping to the walls, experiencing the air.

She felt the many wisps and whispers contracting and expanding, softer, louder, as she lay in the night air. When she fell back into sleep, she was diving into water, backwards, the water flowing over and through her. She felt no fear, only this flow of liquid aqua and spreading blue.

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