Tuesday, December 03, 2013


We create a “rule,” based on a belief – a forecast, prediction, hypothesis, which suits the reality we want to see, to create, to live. The “rules” usually follow the collective consciousness belief, within each individual and the greater group or culture or country or world. The rule becomes law as we make it happen. Those who don’t conform to or believe in the law challenge the law. This creates the tug-of-war of holding true to the law to keep “order” (known to some as status quo) and the challenging of the law to not have to conform to what we don’t believe in or think we don’t believe in because we don’t understand – it doesn’t make sense to us. The intricacies of laws that we create as we navigate the vagaries of our minds, the lessons that we have learned and need to learn, reveals the wormholes, the paths, the “mapping” of our minds as we live and create, create and live.

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