Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Images of Self (going beyond "selfies")

In the rush and flux of life, though my daily activity is more concentrated in one physical place than many of my peers, I find the world we live in constantly changing. This is no new revelation, but my awareness of all that this means is infinitely greater than before.

What does it mean to present an image of self to the world?

It means bravery, a pioneering soul ready to embark on new journeys
Of learning-
If we are true to our soul purpose.

So to say that our life, every life, has purpose, is to acknowledge one step up that stairway of life learning and life experience, of evolution.
To say this and continue to work to create images as if we are in a factory rather than the hearth of home, tending toward automatons rather than nurturing our creative selves, is to add another false image to the mix we present to the world  - and to the challenge we present to ourselves in our wanting to make our way in the world, in happiness, with love, with the sunshine of life on our shoulders and waving to our neighbors passing by.
Presenting false images that we are persuaded by our ego mind (which always seeks power) are true simply fuels the fire of survival at all costs. Prometheus stealing fire rather than learning how fire is created and acknowledging the generation of fire in all of its elemental significance and purpose.

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