Sunday, September 01, 2013


My little cousin, Henry Auden,
Named for many poets of different ways,
Exclaimed the above, prefaced by “It’s not smart to bite a dog.”
Since I heard it, I’ve smiled with it –
Knowing it holds, simply, so much.

What a world to live in,
To know such truth and smile with it,
Each memory-time.

To express what we learn, what we know, even as we explore and discover, is to create another image of the world to share – one more human mirror which reflects into a million million’s points of glancing and seducing shadow and light. The  expression “own it” as a way of describing accepting responsibility for or a defined relationship with expresses more too, in this path of pioneering and discovery. Our human need and desire to explore is our desire to know more, to find more that suits us, that teaches us, where we can plant new flags, new roots, send back new images as we store them in our memory and hang them on our walls or draw them to fold and keep close to us, no matter where we go.

The gift of searching for knowledge which leads us to our internal treasure house of infinite memory and the mind of Creative pleasure continues to give, to express itself, as we become the conduits of its expression. Love becomes us as we accept the gifts of life. 

Anger is the emotion of self-judgment. Anger is a motivator of change, just as it is within Earth, and we evolve together. We are inextricably linked as chemical energy, evolving consciousness. The building blocks of life are rough and tumble, like children eager in using their bodies, jumping, playing, laughing, sweating, crying, bumping into one another with full-on enthusiasm of energy Being.

For me, this beautiful lesson of learning to break down barriers of belief, of simply splashing in the moment of time with full thought as Play, of sharing the moment with fellow humans and all of glittering life, inviting our highest thoughts to dance and reveal themselves through and to us – is one of being an Artist, a true spiritual human.

This is how and why Art captures the essence of us and presents itself as we are and as we want to be.

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