Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Going Gentle into Morning

Talking with my
Womb brother today, a seashell sound
Of whispering love in simple
Daily words like cars, school, soccer,
Beach, axle, poem-
oh, how cells sing when we let them,
hear them.
Post-hurricane here, high heat there,
Blue sky prevails, and, in Dad’s immortal words,
Time marches on!  Energy interweaving in rainbow
Colors even as flood waters rise in tv news,
Families coming together even as strangers
Find Nature’s awesome power beautiful,
Eternal. One Vermont woman slipped into what had been
A small creek, they said, and now was raging rapids. No one
Said how or why she slipped in, simply that her body was
Found downstream in the morning as assessments
Were made. I think of her, a stranger’s pull
as she changed her human energy form, water-borne.
Godspeed, and paddle well, the soul knows when to sleep
And what we are born for, family trees, the fruit of love.

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