Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Nature Principle

The nature principle
Applied when we went outside
And with those dull blades
To branches that seemed to ask for pruning.
We went, urged by our need to be
Outside, tending the grounds,
Disposing of scraps that
Feed other organisms
Into rich, sifting dirt,
And, as always, find other
Things to prune, to notice, acknowledge,
To appreciate, pick up. We’d been pruning
Some trees lately, and this time moved on
To the next in lateral line.
Each has revealed
Glittering lines
And substance, age
In a few rocks buried at the stem, root, trunk.
Each invites our excitement, sometimes
Movement, transplant. So exciting to feel that
Energy of Earth, from tree and intertwining
Branch and all succulent growth that grabs on
So much it tells me of my own succulent patterns
And blooms and weeding needs. It’s beautiful to know
The woodcutter’s strength too – what comes from
Foraging until the life is known, creeping, crawling, or the sheer
Energy itself of growth.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem.