Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Telling Time

Rosemary Laing

Bill's grandfather's boots, not just a flash in the pan

Watch fobs most of us have seen one way or another. I'm thinking of them because of their role as artifacts in our marking of time, ways we punctuate minutes, days, lives, experiences. A Watch fob is a medallion or ornament attached by leather strap or chain to a pocket watch to assist in locating and removing the watch from a pocket in clothing. Some were originally coded or numbered to assist in return to the owner. Watch fobs became popular when mens watches were predominantly carried in the pocket, and are still used today, especially by nurses.The term is also used to refer to ornaments hung at the end of such a ribbon or chain.

It is the energy that people, we all, respond to – the energy of love. I feel how I can get caught up in the physical nature of change, as the rush and tumble of needing to get things done, the distraction of the “task” rather than the energy of creation. The images of many lives of picking up hoes, picks, shovels, canes, needles, quills, the bending and rising, even how this relates to tying children’s shoes, smoothing their collars, touching their hair, squinting into the warm morning sun between dirt rows. What does it mean to me to be a creator who has taken unto myself multiple images of lessons through lifetimes, making my way as a “mind” seeking to know itself as “it” creates, snaking its way learning to feel the openness and energy of all as love makes itself known, as the infinity of energy and every creation insinuates itself in its own making? It is to know that a mind is not a mind alone. I have all of the knowledge available within the Universe, I read this morning (Sharing, 66). What an awesome Thought. So to be limited, to feel limited by the physical is only a reminder of this, except when we believe we are only the physical matter. My mind took upon itself also the many lives of “being itself,” of the quiet study of book after book, sea-view into eternity, watching water from tall ships and cliffs, because this was also part of balancing the picking up axes, shovels, picks, even jewels strung on a chunky chain, and more. Seeking solace, the mind began to turn into itself, taking next steps to remember that internally is the horizon where all knowledge will make itself known as we experience and open ourselves to all, as the spirit speaks to us. Opening to the communion of all souls, in the physical, as sharing the banquet at the table, the feast of life, the feast of knowledge as all other savory pleasures, is the best next step of the moment, healing.

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