Sunday, June 18, 2006


A few I took of the nearby Saxapahaw Rivermill, now renovated.

Just a few notes: I’ve been reading Anderson Cooper’s Dispatches, and for this day, designated “Father’s Day,” I’ll repeat his dedication: “To my mom and dad, and the spark of recognition that brought them together.”
I hope many, many more will continue to read his book. He juxtaposes his internal recording of events in his life with events in the world, particularly ones that he is drawn to, engages himself in, and his is a clear example of how our mind will open to the emotions, the love within us, if we let it – even if we are not consciously seeking that emotional awakening.

Other wonderful experiences to note:
http://Art in Motion
After Kathy Oddenino’s Retreat at the Rigmor House from Sept. 9-11, I was able to see Art in Motion at Weaver Street in Carrboro. I had seen this show advertised, beginning at Siglinda’s garden, but had not yet seen the show. The show was performed on the lawn at bustling Weaver Street early Sunday evening, and in the midst of all of our eating, walking, cell-phone talking, horns blowing, dogs barking, children sleeping or dancing, I had an intermittent view of their interpretation of “art in motion.” It was a rare treat. Leaving, I got to speak with the composer of the music, one of the visitors from Italy, and his passion for the creation was one more added joy. They read and read and read, poets, philosophers – many, he said, and all collaborated on the text of the moving poetry. The shows are changed to fit the venue, the garden, the air, and energy. CDs are available. I’m still imaging those two women and their dancing in the cloud of fabric, the stretching and struggle of birth, the amazing energy of creation. And the way the colors were painted on, both the canvas and their fabric skirts.

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