Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Art in the Garden in Hillsborough

I went with a friend to walk through the sculpture garden "tour" in Hillsborough last Saturday. It was a beautiful day, and neither of us had been to this spot before. We found out that this particular "tour" has gone on annually for 12 years, and is held at the home of one of the sculptors (Tinka Jordy, sculpture in the photo). Tinka Jordy creates these beautiful statues whose skin of clay seems layered together, and whose forms and placement in relationship to each other and to the land, or trees, or water, seem absolutely natural. She has also made these torches - my favorites were the ones called "Earthlinks," which are shown in the photo. I thought of them like candles on this birthday cake of Earth. I really like them.
I hope you'll visit the artists and look for their work.

Talking to a few of the artists: what a treat to walk in the garden on such a day and come upon art made in such a way. Bypassing the galleries, one said, helps us to meet those who are interested in the art, who may see it and buy it and be able to envision it where they live. We can even deliver it sometimes, and see where they would like to put it. This is Art Appreciation without any "middle man" - grateful for galleries as we/they are.

Here is how the artists present themselves and their work:
Garden Art Gallery is a juried art exhibition created by artists... to communicate with one another and allow ourselves to exhibit and share our work with the worldwide community on the internet. We provide links to artists whose work is appropriate for outdoor installations... Sculpture that will withstand rain and sun... Art that is intended to be shared with those that walk or ride by... whether it is installed in a public setting or tucked into a small garden...
... Art in the garden can be formal... or completely whimsical. Gardens and public spaces are about discovery...It's always a pleasure to find a large sculpture serving as a focal point in a public space... or to walk down a small garden path and happen upon an intriguing new plant... or an unexpected sculpture tucked in a small niche... This year you may even see wood elf dancing in the pines!

For a look at all of the artists - Garden-Art

Photos by Catharine Carter
Images of Tinka Jordy's sculpture from her site

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