Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mountain climbing

Alex Buisse captures the adventure of climbing and free-flying in ways you will never forget. Take a look at his portfolio.
If there is a mountain there is a mountaintop. Unless we know there is a mountain, and we know the plains, we will never know there are peaks and valleys. Without this knowledge the oceans are invisible and beyond the depth of our perception.

We can never know there is a destination unless we truly know there is a beginning, and a journey, and there is a home. This perception applies everywhere – meals are not real to us unless our perception is satisfied of being full, in some way, satisfied.

My Dad used to say, early in any meal (except breakfast) – what’s for dessert? My mother would wince, predicting, and sometimes throw back to him, What did you have in mind? With a hint of not just sarcasm but just a hint of pepper and spice, easily detectable and yet easy to pass over if you knew her and knew him, as he easily passed over it with some charm or other and she served the dessert she’d already planned, in her own time.

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