Thursday, June 19, 2014

By Design

What got me going
is simply the life-
the everyday machinations and little miracles of
breath and step and word
and deed.
Touch and Go.

As "caregiver" goes - what a word
that is, like an Indian word, a naming
by deed and so much more-
"deer hunter", "tracker,"
"dog catcher"-
a defining of roles.

We the people define
for ourselves the divine
in simple physical terms
because energy is a hard
concept to accept as real
as bread, truck, beer, ice,
broken bone,
ice cream,

Challenging for a mind more than
a body, already engaged
committed, living
loving motion-
ingesting, air water, breathing, changing.

I love you life,
the body says in a
million infinite ways.
Let's go. Do.
I'll show you as you
show me.
Trust the inhale
to exhale-
We're made to.

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