Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Rock the Cradle

Watching Ariel Castro’s trial and his rather rambling statement to the judge has prompted me to think about the word “impulsive.” When he used that word, with such emphasis, insisting that he did not plan these abductions, but reacted – the word this time struck a chord in my sensory system, my brain cells, that rippled into more thinking and exploring.

To react, to be “impulsive” is to act without consciousness – this is how Spiritual Philosophy defines it.

I see how the tension, the duality, the push-and-pull of change is a way we begin to “rock the cradle,” rock the boat of our beliefs, our imagined safety  net, so that “impulsive” becomes an image of being spontaneous rather than bound by rules (beliefs). Spontaneity is one energy image we have of freedom. I appreciate this step of expanding my thinking – one step, one moment, one day at a time. Sweet freedom hums and isn’t captured like a butterfly in a box, behind glass, pinned (though this is one way we learn, study, become conscious of beauty). Conscious intention and thought as we accept personal responsibility for creating our own reality, with a beautiful foundation of Spirit Consciousness, becomes our true maturity of expression (being, living, growing, changing, evolving). Knowing what we want to create and appreciating our power of creation is a way we begin to love, share love, and know ourselves as the highest living organisms in the Universe, with a mission to create beautifully.

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