Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We are all Humans, Being

Continuing my thinking about what it means to live as an ethical being, to love with a whole heart, a whole mind, a whole body. This means that we know who we are – i.e., we know what we are designed to be, that we are designed through the love, truth & perfection of the Creator, with absolute loving intention. This means that I acknowledge the truth of my own creation, which means I acknowledge that I am my own creator, endowed by my Creator with these “inalienable rights.” It is to know who we are.

In the same way that I remember Mom and Dad encouraging us to “always remember who you are,” this is the pattern of learning to acknowledge our lineage, or our human heritage. I have within my mind a beautiful image, imprint of Dad in the hospital and in the nursing home, at times when staff people asked him questions and he was aware of not having the same physical memory as he’d had before in his life – I am Henry Martin, he’d say, with a bright smile; I was born on March 7, 1923, and I live at _______________. It just brought a smile to his face to know, with his wonderful humor, and also brought a smile to anyone who was listening. This is how I feel as I learn to “know the truth of who I am.”  I imagine this is the same image, too, for those who adopt children, or those who have been adopted and are compelled to also know the origins of their birth. We all seek to find the source of “True Love,” because we are designed to be loving beings  - to feel the freedom and joy of expressing and sharing love, and therefore the love of learning together. We are humans, being.

This is why the family is our beginning unit or image of unity – the “nuclear family.”  Even that image, of “nuclear power,” is another way for us to sense, to know, to explore that absolute power inherent in the design of cells, cell bodies, clusters, larger bodies, all the way into the Universal bodies of stars, planets, every other elemental expression that lives in the time and space as it is created, with the potential of destruction as well as celebration (both are creation).

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