Tuesday, May 01, 2012


I googled “exotica” and was amazed to find so many references, definitions – from a musical genre (1950s-60s Americana, musical “Shangri-la”) to a strip club near Toronto. I got curious because I read a quote somewhere recently which said that we humans are less interested in exploring the “intangible” to understand more than we are in retreating into what we think we already know and reinforcing those boundaries (beliefs). I’ve been thinking about that concept, and that led me to thinking about habits – my habits, our human habits. Which led me to thinking about thinking, again, and how little we encourage thinking – as going beyond where we think we have been before.

Do we really resist thinking? What does that say about our learning? I know I have resisted thinking, and therefore learning (changing). I know because I have learned about my habits and my motivations to change my habits. I know because I respect the value of love in honoring our best selves and how we therefore nurture learning (change) as we grow and become better thinkers. I’ve devoted my life to “Knowing thyself,” and I know the rewards are infinite (keep on giving). I know because I feel the happiness inherent in the wind as it caresses my skin (such as right now, with the patio door open and the birds busy and chirping in all manner of degrees and volume). I know because as lunch (spaghetti) cooks on the stove, I’m smelling the changing essence of those chemicals (garlic, onions, meatballs, tomatoes) as the heat encourages them to intermingle and it makes me salivate and smile.

Thinking is not just an intellectual activity – as I used to think. Thinking is sharing the joy of loving life as I explore relationships of all levels – birds, smells, spring greens, laughing with friends, asking questions and getting answers, leading into different spirals of energy expression. What next? Then the “next” reveals itself. Resistance isn’t good or bad – it’s resistance. It has its place, its role in the world we’ve created. Resistance to tyranny, for instance – good? Yes! If we’re motivated for good and expanding the change for “greater good.” We can determine those levels for ourselves, as we must. Resistance is a description of an energy expression, an action (or inaction). As we choose to live “for love,” we’re honoring our spirit of creation and inviting more love to share as we honor the abundance in our world, beginning in our cells’ expression and appreciation of life (celebration). Happy May everyone!

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