Friday, October 21, 2011

What a Wonderful World, beyond the "Formidable Pause"

I am driven to go beyond the undeniable power of Pinter’s “formidable pause,” that is, to go beyond the power of the invisible menacing as the only force which carries us in the ocean of our living dynamic. This is a level of energy that we learn to recognize within us, and then to “harness,” consciously use as a power of Good. This is another image of the creative powers we’ve immortalized in our fables and comics and epics, theatre of life of all kinds. For me, this is one more description of the “shift in consciousness” each mind is seeking and is designed to grow into as its mature self, being its best consciously creative (Ethical) self. What a wonderful world this is! Cue Louis Armstrong  and one more version by Jenny and the Grayman Band. Why not love?

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