Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Portraits from Dreamland

What could you want?

He smiled as he lay back into the deep sleep
Of rainfall and every fulfillment
Memory he’d pillowed with before.
Only love has true power,
The smooth flavor and taste of love.
The change is his growing up-
No more tying a shoe even without
Thinking of the leather lace, the loop knot,
The child’s head kneeling over,  determination
Intact and absolute.

She remembers her own dreamland,
So far from his, they never knew.
Who knows, until we remember,
And that absolute reminder of love,
The gentle velvet hammer of knowledge
Which knocks sometimes so gently on the door
And windows of our mind to say,
Hear me? Hey?
Awake?  Come play.
There is no way to know
The journeys a mind has taken
Without the adventure eventually
Becoming a part of that mind’s game,
And ultimate joy.

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Marlee said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog, thought I would come check yours out and am not disappointed! You have a beauuuuutiful writing style, so serene! Great post!!