Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Happy Independence!

Two days ago I went for an early morning walk around the neighborhood before the summer heat really set in. The breeze was gentle and the busy birds were fun to watch, as always. The shades of green in the thick underbrush as well as the tall canopies of trees were beautiful, and the dry ground and leaves caught my attention as I passed some places. A few dogs panted, a few managed some faint barks. Mostly I think they were hot, and curious. As I walked I thought of my Mother and smiled at her jaunty way of jumping into action sometimes. She would “gear up” to go, and then full steam ahead, tireless until her job was complete. A few tears slid down my cheeks as I smiled at the memories, and suddenly I felt her presence beside me in that same mode, just as she was, eager to be moving and with me. We laughed as we talked. She was delighted to be moving, free, and I am delighted to know we are energy beings and always “stay in touch.”

Also, we have another funny family story which relates to the saying, "I'm nearly dead"! I'll leave that one to your imaginations...Thanks, Mom!

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