Tuesday, October 06, 2009

What We're Open To

"Each lesson of life is truly a lesson of love." (Sharing, 101)

"Integration is essential to your individual growth process. Keep that foremost in your mind, and look at yourself in total love with total positive energy. It is your love of yourself, your belief in yourself, and the positive energy that you will create from that love, that will help you to integrate, to balance, and to evolve without fear." (Sharing, 136)

During my quick weekend trip to Memphis I read chapters of Kathy Oddenino's book, Sharing: Self Discovery in Relationships, as I sat in the airport, on the airplane, and in between other transitions from room to room. It was great to read this book in the midst of the busyness of a place like an airport, and the intensive energy of people and things compactly placed in a flying cylindrical tube. I checked my email while waiting too, and received a message from a childhood friend and classmate who had read my book. It was fun to read her feedback, which included a poem she had written about me when we were in 10th grade. The poem described a person "closed inside her shell," the fun and laughter and also the "cloak of humor" I wore. "Somewhere deep inside of her lies a mysterious person that no one but herself knows. Or does she even herself know?"

I really appreciated her email, and it was perfect timing for her to send this while we're doing this first Online course on Sharing! "Will I ever know her well?" she wrote in our sixteen-year-old-time. How wonderful it is for me say that Yes, I do know myself well now! Her poem shows me- what change can mean, and how familiar such a wall, such shelling is. Each person, each personality has his/her own energy field/s. Where we've grown, how, what we're open to.

"Know Thyself!"

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