Sunday, July 05, 2009

Honor, Kings and Queens

"Memory is like a phoenix, continually arising out of its own destruction." Kathleen McGowan, Discover magazine article, "Out of the Past" July/August 2009

We can learn so much from every human being. A few weeks ago some friends and I were talking, pool-side, after a great day of learning about ourselves as energy and matter (and Neural Depolarization), about the form and function of our nerves and nervous systems as our life-givers & receivers. The evening was beautiful, with a light breeze, sky thick with clouds in some parts of our view and clearing with shades of blue in others before the moon began to brighten as the sky darkened. As I listened, relaxed and energized, I heard how we are opening our minds to love, and the love of our creation. As one friend talked about all she felt and became conscious of as she walked to the mailbox on a bright morning, I remembered a scenario from a recent trip to Virginia for a college graduation party. A group of high schoolers were sitting at the pier over the pond. As we talked with them, they got interested in getting into the kayak to paddle around the pond that was busy with fish. One dark-eyed, particularly engaging kid, maybe 16 years old, was very excited, full of energy. Later, in the house, when he came in, we asked how the kayaking was and he answered, it was awesome! I felt like I was king of the world!, with his arms raised high and a smile to light the room. Still pool-side, another friend explained how she felt the purity of energy with her 3-month old granddaughter, what a beautiful reminder babies are of pure love and its power in life.

I’ve been thinking of this, and of Michael Jackson, as I’ve watched the news about him, his life, his music, his death, his family. His legacy of caring is clear, his drive for perfection, the music in him, his magnetic energy of love, and of loss. One thing I’ve heard so many who knew him say is that he was always seeking to learn, to incorporate new knowledge, to expand what he could do. Let’s create a new instrument!, he said to one producer.

We can learn so much from every human being. There are no strangers. Trust love. To love, my intention must be honorable, ethical. It is the smallest of things, of fleeting thoughts that can become obsessive, take root, which reveal the lingering fears that have lived in my mind, and in collective minds, throughout time. The joy of this young boy on the pier, the strength and exuberance of his youthful energy, was a joy to behold and to feel. I was sad to see the cigarette dangling so casually from his mouth, from his loose fingers, but I understood the urge (I've lived it!) As energy, we grow into Knowing Thyself, as chemical energy beings. As I grow, as I change, as I experience the time and space of aging, of life energy moving and changing, I know why we look at life differently when we are consciously feeling love, despite the circumstances that we are living. “Our new level of sensory perception will continue to expand until it begins to affect our waking mind.” (174) Happiness is free, chosen by ready minds and hearts when we begin to feel the excitement of having physical feelings. In Spirit Consciousness, Kathy explains how we use our loving emotions to expand our feelings as we begin to gently caress our fears, bringing them into our conscious mind to heal. This is the pattern of the depolarization of our nervous system, which gives us life and through which we experience the reality of our own creation –we honor our creation as human life, and the purity of love as our creative energy, or we contaminate our chemical energy. We alter our memory simply by thinking with love. (See McGowan's article in Discover magazine!) Love heals!

I am enjoying the sensations of momentary life, of infinity in a grain of sand. The tethers of fearful thoughts like ropes and strings are the same as some doctors’ view of the nerves in the body as simply strings tying up a package. Thoughts are real as energy, and love honors the gift of life. I am grateful for the gift of knowledge as a growing conscious mind. Thank you, King of Pop, thank you, teenage king of the world, for your infinite gifts. You will live forever...

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