Friday, July 25, 2008

Socrates In Love

"You know, I think the forms of love in my book are just five ways of approaching excellence as the Greeks conceived of it. This allows us to come to the epiphany that these five forms of love are all facets of the same thing."
Christopher Phillips

Recently I've been dipping into Christopher Phillips' book, Socrates in Love, which a friend gave me last year. I met Chris Phillips in Bowie, Maryland some years ago when he came to the Borders Store near where I lived for a Socrates Cafe Intro. I was excited about his project, and the fact that this man would do such a "thing." Launch such a project. When I think about this now, and follow Chris's trail of books, talks, groups, and the ripple of energy effects these have, I appreciate how beautiful creative energy can be when one person follows his passionate heart and mind to create. Examples of this abound in my life.

This past weekend I attended Kathy Oddenino's seminar on Disease Versus Eternal Health in Chapel Hill. This seminar fits, too, because I am thinking about what it means to truly "know my own mind." Some of the questions we explored are: What do we do when are suddenly told that we have a fatal disease? How can we prevent disease along the journey of life?

I recognize how I've hoped for the best, ignored, or denied certain levels of thinking, because I was afraid of being wrong, of just not knowing enough, or...was just too busy, or too lazy to think differently. It is amazing to me to recognize the infinite patterns, like tunnels, of thoughts I have created and lived without knowing what this reality is, except in intermittent glimpses. These glimpses were inspiring, sometimes confusing.

I've had some Neural Depolarization lately, and this attention to an imbalance I've created has made me more conscious of my cellular sensing. I feel my cellular stories come alive when asked to "speak" - memories of what I've ingested, built up, and the thought patterns as the waves in constant motion, until blocked. I also feel the compassion, love, when I have the NDP - this person, practitioner, is consciously using their spirit energy to communicate with me, with mine, with a healing focus, and the love feels great. Love always feels great, doesn't it!(There is no fear in our Divine Nature!)Love is part of our Intelligent Design as our healing energy. When I've been discouraged, or felt a "lack of love," I felt "bad." Thinking on "eternal health" urges me to communicate more, both internally (listening!) and with others, and I feel my energy lift to a new motion of change. How do I feel being totally in control of my own life, health, being? Better and better, with a little help from my friends (family) of all kinds! So this is what my cells have been saying to me on my internal satellite radio...

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