Tuesday, April 29, 2008

justiceplanes: A Celebration & a nod to Mary Parker Follett

My sister-in-law, Dr. Suzanne Martin, Alabama activist, force of Nature, music lover, sometime-band member (and much more), has entered the YouTube world, via her savvy students' urges to share. Being a justiceplanes fan myself, I'm compelled to pay my tribute too. Here's the link. That Neil Guy - justiceplanestribute

Also, a nod to Suzanne's "opus," her doctoral thesis (2005) on Mary Parker Follett's substance and style of leadership. Mary Parker Follett was a woman "before her time," whose influence and reputation I hope will continue to grow - just as I trust Suzanne's will.

"Imagine a glass globe whose circumference is filled with:
millions of eyes all looking inward. All the eyes see the same content, though each from its own special point.
And into the view of each eye the view of the others is received, though from its own particular angle.
Now, suppose that the substance of the globe, instead of glass is merely the sight projected from each eye, that without the eyes and their sight nothing whatever of the globe would exist.
We then have in the globe a unity of blended individualities
where the individualities may be look upon as essential, for without them there is nothing;
individuality is all that there is, and the ultimate reality is a blending of all individualities.” "

Here's a bio bit about Suzanne:
Martin presents an archetypal analysis of Mary Parker Follett (MFP) and her ideological contributions to the theory and practice of contemporary leadership. ...Martin concludes that Follett's contributions are more than artifacts of a bygone era; they were and remain part of the collective unconscious that has shaped and birthed contemporary leadership theory. ...; The Leading Edge Institute Bio: Suzanne Martin, Ph.D. teaches organizational leadership at Samford University in Birmingham, AL. She is also the Program Director for the Leading Edge Institute, a leadership develop program for college women in Alabama. She holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Regent University. Prior to graduating from Regent University, Dr. Martin served for 15 years at Samford University as the Director of Leadership Education.

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