Monday, January 28, 2008

The Beauty of Planet Earth

I've heard a lot about this BBC documentary, and have been watching some of Karma Tube's video clips for quite a while now. If you'd like your own "world tour," and also to connect with these people who are bringing us the powerful beauty of Life images, take a look. It's awesome.

An Emmy Award-winning BBC nature documentary, Planet Earth is the first high-definition video series to provide, in the words of its makers, a "definitive look at the diversity of our planet." The series' narrator, Sir David Attenborough, notes: "Planet Earth is more a celebration of our planet than a lament about the state of it. It shows what is still there. In some areas there is no doubt that we are doing damage to our world but at the same time, there is a vast amount of uncharted and untouched wilderness." This video excerpt unleashes the elegant beauty of that which is home to all of us.

This is a great fit with a recent post (Why I Eat Organic) Linda Bruce added to her blog site, Expanding World. Check it out.

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