Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My Minority Report

Have you seen Spielberg's The Minority Report (2002)? I happened in on it recently, well into it, and watched to the end as Tom Cruise as Det. John Anderton, Max Von Sydow, and more streamed, leapt, and dragged to an ending that somehow still left lingering that great resounding truth of "You still have a choice." Pre-crime, pre-cog, faces with expressions that captured both the plastics of synthetic ("not real") and human emotion, and the snappy suits of both past and future - what a whirl we live in.

After I saw the movie I had an experience that reminded me of the challenges we have in opening ourselves to the fact that we are both energy and matter, and the way we have both worshiped and used "pre-cogs" among us. As I looked into someone's eyes as they streamed through lifetimes of memories like first a back-lit screen then the water of time right here and now, the pre-cog image came back to me - that movie pre-cog shivering, crouching, seeing, waiting, hoping. Three of us stood by a swimming pool after dark and the frogs were loud as a train symphony. The pool was cool blue. As I leaned backwards into the pool complete with clothes, I thought, we change the future as we change the past. We change the present and our eyes change with us, thankfully without the retinal scans and the awful eyeball replacement and having to carry those orbs around in a ziplock and worry about losing them. Languages come and go like threads, ropes we pull on or tie together. The words identify themselves as we choose them, let them be, and the language of love nudges them gently into view.

This dark is very different. The Minority Report in the film refers to "alternate futures." I've seen it - choice by choice, moment by beautiful moment.

Infinity Plus

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