Monday, May 14, 2007

Our Twin Towers, Delta Born

"The Twin towers," my mother and Aunt, were born in Sumner, Mississippi,so this is a nod to family roots and the satisfaction I find in visual trails and portraits of life as we know it, whoever we may be. These links lead to many more. Thank you, cousins, for your contributions to our pleasures.

A native Southerner raised on a cotton plantation in the Mississippi Delta, William Eggleston has created a singular portrait of his native South since the late 1960s. His large-format prints monumentalize everyday subjects. Although he began his career making black and white images, he soon abandoned them to experiment with color technology. The Museum of Modern Art's groundbreaking one-man show of 1976, William Eggleston's Guide, established his reputation as the pioneer of modern color photography.

Here's an online gallery link from Die Welt (premiere German dailiy) in connection with a Munich exhibition, sent on from another cousin: Eggleston and Welt Online

A documentary By the Ways, A Journey with William Eggleston

Delta Dogs at the Delta Blues Museum Photographs by Maude Schuyler Clay 04/12/2007 To: 07/30/2007 - The Delta Blues Museum is pleased to announce the premiere of “Delta Dogs: Photographs by Maude Schuyler Clay." If I were there, I'd definitely visit.

A Little Sumner History

And one more thing: My nephew, Sumner James Martin, and my niece, Ellen Sumner Wiles, are also acknowledged in this string of pearls, this train, this compilation.

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