Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Three Bits, with an Intro

Three opening windows I want to share, along with this quote from an article by Pz Myers (www.scienceblogs.com/pharyngula), or Seed Magazine (May/June 2007):

“There is a classic Three Stooges film in which they play bumbling plumbers trying to repair some leaky pipes, and, of course, everything goes wrong. Patching a leak in one place sends water spraying our elsewhere; tugging on a pipe sends the faucet in another room flying out of the wall. It’s classic slapstick. It wasn’t intended to be deep (and I didn’t watch it for a lesson in science!), but it does hold a message that applies to biology: In complex systems, everything is interconnected, and sometimes in surprising ways. Changes to one genetic module can cause effects to ripple throughout the entire organism.”

1 - Daisy Mae and Seth Bernard www.myspace.com/daisymayerlewine – “Shine On”

2 - Rachel Carson on CBS– A CBS video clip about Rachel Carson

3 - Johnny Burke & the Deltas http://www.myspace.com/johnnyburkeandthedeltas –I heard these guys at the Shakori Hills Festival on Saturday night, and what a treat it was. Here’s the write-up on the Shakori Hills site: Johnny Burke & The Deltas are a raw, stripped down powder keg of musical energy. Priding themselves on their diversity of styles, they fly through funk, blues, rockabilly, soul, bossa nova, psychedelic rock, rag and roots reggae dub. The Deltas are an instrumental band - always soulful and groovin', they focus exclusively on the music with no words to get in the way. The band was formed by the brothers Coppola: Clark (guitar) and Caleb (drums) along with friend Jon Baughman (bass).

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