Monday, November 14, 2005

This blog is a way for me to indulge my experience of Art. :) On Sunday afternoon, I visited Brookgreen Gardens, the sculpture garden just south of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina which was created by Archer and Anna Huntington. I have a lot to say about how much I enjoyed my visit there. Here is a beginning thought, from the book I bought about the couple:
"Anna was discovering that puppies and sculpture do not mix." The "remarkable Huntingtons" are indeed a study within themselves, of the art of creation, and how they created together. Here is another: "When elated and feeling his oats, Archer's knee-jerk reaction was to found a museum or plan a trip."

Take a trip, if only virtual, for now. This creation is a tribute to the art of nature, and the nature of art.

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Anonymous said...

The art of the nature, the nature of the art...
I like this blog. It moves me into thousand reflections.
Regards from Spain